Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe I - Turkey Chili

On Black Friday, you are probably doing one of two things;  shopping or working.   But, what about all that leftover turkey?  Either way, you need a no-fuss recipe.

This chili dish is mild enough to serve to the in-laws if they are still hanging at your house.  I suggest following this recipe and serving a little hot sauce on the side for those who want more heat. 

I served this over Orzo.  I also served a side salad with bacon and Ranch and a few corn chips on the side.  

A great Black Friday meal because you can put this in the crock pot in the morning and you can forget about it.  If you are surprised by the additon of the soda to the chili, don't be.  This adds a little sweetness and you'll have to do less thickening.

Leftover Turkey Chili

4 cups leftover  roast Turkey, pulled from the bone
1   15 ounce can Diced Tomato with Mild Green Chili
1  15 ounce can Kidney Beans with Chili Seasoning (Suggest Bush's)*
1 small Spanish Onion, roughly chopped
1 tablespoon Cumin
1 tablespoon Garlic Powder
1 teaspoon Ground Oregano
1/2 tablespoon Smoked Paprika
Sea Salt, to taste
1  12 ounce can 7 Up or Sprite
1 cup Water
1 tablespoon Corn Starch


Fat Free Sour Cream
Mexican Blend Cheese
Pickled  Jalapeño Pepper Slices for garnish

Combine all ingredients except for corn starch in slow cooker.  Stir well.  Cook on low for at least 7 hours.  

During the last part of cooking, remove about a cup of the juice from the slow cooker.  Whisk in corn starch.   Return to slow cooker. 

Increase heat until high.   Bring to boil until chili is thickened.

*No product was supplied to blogger and not an endorsement. 
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