Hello.  I am Mary Kay LaBrie. I am a professional development (OD) specialist for a computer company by day, and a home cook, cooking contester, wife, and Golden Retriever mommy the rest of the time.  I am also a struggling comedy screenwriter (I've had a couple of options).  I am a guest contributor to the South Lake Tablet. 

I am not a professional chef.  The only "cooking class" I've ever taken was 8th grade Home Ec.  But over the years I've learned to love to cook.  And now I bring my recipes to you. 

On the shows, they talk about "culinary voice."  I'm still finding mine.  But the more I experiment with different herbs, flavors, traditions, and techniques, the close I get.

I launched "Just for Cooking" in December 2010 along with a Facebook community page.   The reason that I did so was that my friends and family - who ask me to cook all the time for holidays, parties, etc. -  have been encouraging me to write a cookbook for many years.  So I started a food blog to try to capture the culinary "voice" needed to successfully write that project. 

"Just for Cooking" morphed into MK's Fabulous Food Adventures.   At the time I was looking for my culinary POV.   Then I realized, while I am a good cook during the week, I'm only a "great cook" on the weekends when I have a little extra time. 

My new blog concept is dedicated to all of you who only have time to make that one spectacular dish on the weekends.   But you'll still find all of my old recipes here.   If you want to filter out the "New" weekend cook recipes, search on www.theweekendcookmk.blogspot.com

God bless and happy cooking!

Mary Kay LaBrie