Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mama Pirri’s Sausage and Peppers

Mama Pirri's "Famous" Sausage and Peppers

SIDE NOTE (01/20/2011):  Okay, I admit it.  I took a few shortcuts with my blog last night.  Food writers cannot live by blog alone.  I got lazy and I am sorry about that. I was asked by a few people to clarify the actual "recipe" that Mama Pirri uses when she makes her sausage and peppers.  It's very easy.  Below is the modified blog from last night with more details. 

Tomorrow night I am making Chimichurri Steak Tacos (with my homemade Chimichurri Sauce).  Since it is Friday night, we're going to have one (or two) of Dan's Killer Margaritas. 

Then on Saturday, I am going to be posting a couple of Asian vegetarian recipes you do not want to miss!

Here is last night's blog, DO-OVER:

Hands down, my mother-in-law makes the best Italian Sausage and Peppers in the world.  The entire contents of a pan will disappear in ten minutes flat when she makes this for a party.  My husband's co-workers beg him to share when he takes the leftovers for lunch.  While the recipe might seem simple on the surface, Mama Pirri will tell you that the secret is slow cooking.  She has a foolproof method, and if you follow this, she guarantees that yours will come out just as delicious.

Only the Freshest of Veggies

The dish is so simple, I don't need to write out a full recipe but to give you an idea of what to gather up at the grocery store, the dish includes the following ingredients:

10 hot or sweet Italian Sausages (or a mixture)
4 large Bell Peppers (Red, Green, Yellow), julienned
8 Red Potatoes, diced (medium dice)
2 teaspoons of Garlic Powder
Salt and Pepper, to taste
Grated Parmesan Cheese, to taste
1 Large Sweet Onion, julienned
Olive Oil for drizzling
Butter flavored Cooking Spray

That's it!

Preheat the oven to 350°.

Sauté  the onions and julienned peppers are  in olive oil and then removed from the pan to a bowl.  Keep warm with tin foil. 

Coat potatoes with butter flavored cooking spray, a little salt, pepper, garlic powder and grated Parmesan cheese.  Note: you can substitute any seasonings you like on the potatoes. 

Mama Pirri bakes the potatoes in a 350° oven until golden brown.

The Sausage is the Star

The real star of the show is the sausage.  Mama Pirri uses very good quality hot and sweet Italian sausages.  She drizzles a little olive oil over the sausages and she bakes them, whole, in the oven for about two hours. 

When everything is done, she slices up the sausage and combines it with the potatoes, onion and peppers in a pan.  She returns the mixture to the oven for about 15 minutes to warm everything through.

I know you will want to try this soon!
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