Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Leftovers?

What a challenge are holiday leftovers!  At Thanksgiving, it’s the turkey.  At Christmas, it’s the ham or the prime rib. 

Anyone can open a box of dehydrated potatoes.  Although I have to say, I did it this year, added asparagus, a little nutmeg and crispy onions and it was darn good. 

I had prime rib left over and ham.  I decided to put together these two dishes.  I was working from home today for my day job.  I got up early and put both pots on. 

I made beef stew with leftover prime rib and wine.  The stew was ready by noon. 

The beans with the ham, Cajun style, were perfect by six.  I left the beans on the warmer until we were ready to eat. 

Ah C'est Bon!

For some home cooks, I have learned that you like to go by “concepts.”  For others, you want the actual recipe.  Tonight is an attempt to satisfy both.  Below is the “concept.”  If you want the actual recipe, please go to and it will be posted by the evening of 12/28. 

PS -   I had intended to have it posted sooner, but I was too busy playing around with the pretty colors this blog has to offer me.   If nothing else, I am honest.

For the stew, I cut up the prime rib in bite sized chunks and discarded the fatty pieces.  I added a ½ clove of sliced elephant garlic.  Then I added the wine, the broth, the herbs, the stewed tomatoes and tomato paste, broth, and Cajun spices, followed by the veggies, save the mushrooms.  Those were added at the end.

For the beans, I cooked a traditional Trinity (pepper, onion and celery) – only I used Red pepper, in Canola oil.  Then I added the cooked ham.  I let it render for a few minutes.  The rest was history: garlic, broth, seasonings and herbs. 

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