Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

I'll be back online after the holiday to post more recipes and tips.  I wanted to give you my Mom's easy meatball recipe in case you are looking for a little somethin' something extra.  It's so easy, frozen meatballs, ketchup (large bottle) and 16 oz of light beer.  That's it!  Cook it in the crockpot (low) for about six hours.  These are fantastic!

Mom is not with us anymore, but every year, I think of her when I make them at the holidays.  Tomorrow, I am making prime rib and on Christmas, Turkey and Ham.  I will have pics and recipes to post!

I am really enjoyng writing this blog and I hope you find it helpful, too.  I did have an interesting experience in my first few days of blogging; someone tried to hack my account last night.  Now, if anyone out there wants my recipes that bad (I cannot imagine why) you can get some of them for free on our Facebook cooking community page, also called "Just for Cooking"  ;.)  I was real creative with the name there, too.  LOL. 

Please come visit us there.  We are really nice and there are lots of people logging on and sharing great dishes!  The link is at the bottom of this blog page.

I wish you all the best for the holiday season!
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