Monday, March 26, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

My new friend, Tess, at Slow Cooking Kitchen nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you Tess.  Please be sure to check out her fabulous blog!

I was surprised and honored and humbled all at the same time. 

Note:  This is an award we bloggers give to each other.  We "pay it forward" so to speak.  It  helps bloggers to discover other food bloggers. 

There is NOTHING as special as being recognized by a fellow blogger.  We all know what it takes to put out a half decent post a few times a week: 

The bleary-eyed 1 AM editing; spell check doesn't know "food words" so you concentrate so much on those and you end up misspelling words like "food;"

the spammers and "link lurkers"  who try to post E-bay links on your blog or ... uhummm... other questionable things...

... and the friends who "unfriend you" on Facebook because you are so busy putting up your blog so you miss the midnight chat request - and they get insulted.

I want all of my readers who have blogs to know, I learn from each and every one of you every day.  I learn from those who don't have blogs who give me constructive feedback.  I think my recipes were always good but my pictures, not so much.  I am getting better.

One thing I've found since I began food blogging, food bloggers are the NICEST people! 

One of my early attempts
here at "Just for Cooking"
One of my more current photos... 
I learned from you!

About the Award:

Time to Celebrate!

When you receive this award, you are asked to pass on the love by nominating 15 people who inspire you as a blogger.  You are also to share 7 things that people might not know about you. 

Picking only 15 was hard task.  So many of you inspire me for so many reasons.  Some of you are great photographers.  Some of you write the best recipes in the world.  Some of you just make my day when I read your blogs.

I want everyone to know that I do spend time reading your blogs.  I bookmark your recipes and and I am often your "Phantom Buzzer" on Food Buzz.  With my busy schedule, I don't always get a chance to comment.   

To make this fair, I decided to narrow it down to the 15 people who helped me the most over the last year as I started up this food blog. 

You can pass on the love to others if you wish.  No pressure to participate. 

And, if you were not included here, please do not feel slighted.   

In MY book, all my blogger friends are Versatile Bloggers!

My "90 Miles Away" Chicken recipe was one of
my breakout recipes that got people to read my little blog.
I have no idea who those two guys are in the picture.  ;.)

90 Miles Away Chicken

Special thanks go out to:   

To Tess, at Slow Cooking Kitchen for nominating me,for her new friendship, and for her outstanding blog.

To my buddy an co-conspirator on my Facebook community page, Theresa, at Edible Love  

To my Tina at Flourtrader for the best baked goods and for always supporting me!
To Christine at Christine's Pantry for being one of the first to friend me and for the great historical info she posts!

To my new friend Jen at The Three Little Piglets; blessings and cheers! 

To my coach in the early days, Laurie, at  Food is Love; thank you!  

To my mentor and motivator, Laura, at  La Diva Cucina ; you are mah-ve-lous, dahling! 

To Warren at Table for Two Cookbooks for...well... just being Warren, and for inviting me to Florida Food bloggers event though my blog wasn't up to par with the rest.

To Ramona at Curry and Comfort for her wonderfully consistent blog and friendly disposition.

To Mike at The Culinary Lens for the most interesting food travel on the Internet.  You are going to be a star!  I am going to say I knew you when, sir! 

To my fellow cabbage roll lover, Steve at The Black Peppercorn for making me feel like I'm dining in his home with every great post. 

To "La Bella Vita" at Cucina49 for her ultra creative style and nice comments.

To Jessica at Cajunlicious for inspiring me to finish my own cookbook (her cookbook is now available on her blog).

To my new friend Elpiniki at Tomato Sauce ; the hardest working blogger in the world (is it five blogs?)

To Susan at  Sticky Gooey Creamy Chewy  for inspiring me to be the best by being one of the best EVER!

Now, seven things you most likely don't know about me: 
Oh, boy -

1.  I have a total fascination with lighthouses.
2.  I always cry when I watch Hallmark holiday movies.
3.  My first words as a baby were "More tea."
4.  I was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha in College.
5.  I've had several paranormal experiences and would love to ghost hunt!
6.  I would rather travel over buying things; experiences make you richer!
7.  I am afraid of heights, but I once climbed Dunn's River Falls (with Mama Pirri) - went right to the top!  Mama Pirri milked the strong guys helping her up the falls. 

Again, if I didn't mention you here, it does not mean I don't love you! 

Thanks again, Tess.  I'll be back with more recipes this week!

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