Friday, August 12, 2011

Beer Braised Pot Roast with Mushrooms and Two Onion Gravy

Beer Braised Pot Roast
with Mushrooms and Two Onion Gravy

Beer Braised Pot Roast with Mushrooms and Two Onion Gravy
My husband, Dan, makes one of the best pot roasts around.  It’s a savory blend of roast, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, Guinness beer, and an array of herbs and spices. 

Dan’s recipe takes a little time.  Time was not something that I had today so I came up with a version that Dan calls “Simple, easy and delicious.” 

By “simple,” Dan means that the flavors, while less complex than his version, remind you of something mom would make on a Sunday afternoon.  It’s “easy” because this roast requires no browning, and there are very few ingredients.  And… “delicious,” well… we think so!

Get out your slow cooker, and let’s make a pot roast.


1 ½ - 2 pound Boneless Shoulder Roast
2 teaspoons Seasoned Salt (Suggest Lawry’s)*
Freshly Ground Black Pepper, to taste
1 large Sweet Onion, quartered
½ tablespoon Herbes de Provence
1 packet Brown Gravy Mix (suggest Lawry’s)*
12 ounces Light Beer
1 ¼ cup Button Mushrooms, halved
½ cup Frozen Pearl Onions
Fresh Parsley for garnish, optional

Sprinkle roast with seasoned salt and pepper.  Add to slow cooker.

Quarter onion and add to pot, along with dried Herbes de Provence. 

Mix one packet of brown gravy mix with 8 ounces of the light beer; reserve the other 4 ounces.  Pour mixture over meat.

Cook on low heat for 7-8 hours.

At the end of the cooking time, remove meat from crock pot and tent under foil.  Let meat rest for about 30 minutes.

Add mushrooms and pearl onions to the slow cooker, along with the remaining 4 ounces of beer.  Stir and turn heat to high. Let cook for approximately 30 minutes until mushrooms are cooked.
Skim fat (there won’t be much) from the gravy and serve with meat.  Top with fresh parsley.

Serving suggestion:  I like to serve this with mashed potatoes and my husband’s favorite carrots:  These are frozen whole baby carrots cooked in water, honey, brown sugar and butter until the sauce reduces into a glaze.  Top it off with freshly ground cinnamon.  Sweet and amazing!

*I suggest Lawry’s products because they are flavorful and – face it – these folks know beef.  Not a paid endorsement and no products were given to the blogger for use in this blog.

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