Friday, May 27, 2011

Easy Tuna Caesar Salad

I love making Caesar Dressing from scratch.  This is an even quicker weeknight version which requires no raw egg, and you get to take a little help from the store.  The tuna gives it a protein kick.

This is an arranged salad.  Everyone takes what they want at the table.  You can eat this with a knife or fork or like a lettuce wrap.  It looks pretty, too. 

The store-bought dressing product used to make this Caesar dressing contains Parmesan Cheese.  The little extra olive oil makes this taste a little richer.  I add fresh grated Romano and lemon juice at the end.

Easy Tuna Caesar Salad
Serves 4:

4 oz. Romaine Lettuce Leaves, washed and trimmed
2 ounces freshly grated Romano Cheese
½ cup Whole Grain Croutons
Squirt or two of Fresh Lemon Juice
Freshly ground Black Pepper, to taste

For the dressing:
1 teaspoon Anchovy Paste
1/3 cup Wish Bone® brand House Italian Dressing*
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dash of Course Sea Salt, to taste

Arrange salad leaves on a plate.  Flake tuna over lettuce.

In a small mixing bowl, add anchovy paste and dressing product.  Whisk together.  Add olive oil and salt to taste.

Pour desired amount of dressing over lettuce.   Top with cheese and croutons.  Add lemon juice and fresh pepper to taste.  Serve any leftover dressing on the side.

*Not a paid endorsement and blogger received no free product.
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